I have always been interested in music.

My sister had a masters degree in music, and my dad could sing and play the ukulele and piano. I could distinguish pitch at a very early age. Growing up in Ohio, I tuned my dad's ukulele to the sound of the 5-string banjo that I was hearing over the radio. I would then try to play what I was hearing. Although I never learned to read music, I was able to do a fairly convincing job. In subsequent years my interest in music blossomed, and in 1975 I held a full time  musician job playing in Hawaii and appearing on a nationwide TV series. This position lasted 5 years.

My recording interest also started at a early age. My dad had a store that sold reel to reel tape machines along with other electronic items. I produced plays and music shows with my friends in the neighborhood. This early activity was definitely the beginning of my desire to record others. Throughout the years I had always wanted  to secure good quality recording equipment, so in 1998 Compact Recording Systems was born. Over the years, I have produced several quality albums. And in 2008 I moved into producing music videos.

The actual act of producing art generated by beautifully talented people is almost as enjoyable as the finished product.  We  have a lot of fun in the studio and in the field.  For that I am really thankful.

Best Regards,

Dave Richardson


For those interested in the technical aspects of our studio, we use a PARIS recording system for all audio recording whenever possible. The PARIS system was designed by the late Stephen St. Croix and Edmund Pirali to duplicate the warm and musical quality of a very expensive SSL audio console that Stephen had been using. The acronym PARIS means Professional Audio Recording Integrated System. Although no longer available, we feel it produces the best results for acoustic music.



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