Compact Recording Systems was founded by David Richardson, a professional musician who has recorded several albums over the years. His interest in recording others goes back to early childhood when he recorded plays, shows, and interviews with his young friends. At the age of 9, he was writing scripts, editing analog tape, and recording his dad's music on a Webcor reel-to-reel tape recorder. Mr. Richardson became interested in acoustic music at an early age and played guitar and 5-string banjo in his teenage years with various folk and bluegrass groups. In college, he recorded his first record on Century Records entitled "The Other Half." After graduating, he moved to Hawaii, where he accepted a 5-year position playing guitar, resophonic guitar, and 5-string banjo with the Don Ho Show. In 1980, he returned to California and appeared in several musical ensembles.  Mr. Richardson has also worked for 28 years in the broadcast and aerospace industries designing intercommunications systems. Compact Recording Systems recorded its first release, More Than Words by Sheri Lee in 1999 to rave reviews. We were also proud to include Sara and Sean Watkins of Nickel Creek and Prairie Home Companion on this album. Upon hearing the CD, many critical listeners were favorably impressed with the quality of the audio.


Here are a few testimonials:

"The quality that Compact Recording Systems has achieved with the CD, 'More Than Words' rivals that of any of the major recording artists..."
Wayne Rice, Host of KSON's Bluegrass Special

"The recording process for my album was extremely easy thanks to Compact Recording Systems...the sound that we achieved was 'real' and relaxed..."
Sheri Lee, Recording Artist

"Compact Recording Systems generates a perfect balance of decorum and professionalism, mixed with the coziness of a completely relaxed atmosphere. Their ability to bring an artist to a higher level is second to none."
Dave Ur, Recording Artist

"I call Dave 'The Maestro' simply because his multi-musical talents and recording ability are phenomenal. He is both an acute listener and valuable contributor. Dave captures the exact essence of the artist's intentions and gently offers his expert spin...exalting any song to a level of unexpected beauty and art."
Rob Lord, Recording Artist

"I cannot say enough about Compact Recording Systems....Dave was a pleasure to work with and has a great ear for mixing and mastering. He brought out the best in all of my songs, and the sound quality of my CD is excellent. He went above and beyond in terms of the amount of time and energy he spent on this project."
Paula Lane, Recording Artist

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